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Corporate Mission

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We aspire to help build an affluent and successful society by offering places where people can relax in an atmosphere of health and warm hospitality. Fujita Kanko Inc. has its origin in Denzaburo Fujita Shokai, founded in 1869 by Denzaburo Fujita, a benefactor and a business heavyweight in the Kansai area during the Meiji Period. Denzaburo Fujita Shokai had been undertaken a series of reorganization, renaming, merging, and spinning off and in 1955, the tourism sector of Denzaburo Fujita Shokai was renamed as Fujita Tourist Enterprises Co., Ltd.

"Traditional and Innovative" is the keyword of our company, a pioneer of the hospitality industry. The industry has seen changes in customers’ tastes over time. In order to meet the varied tastes of our guests and the market, we have welcome our guests to a range of innovative hotels, restaurants, wedding and banquet facilities as well as leisure facilities including Hotel Cshinzanso Tokyo, Hakone Kowaki-en Yunessun Inn, Washington Hotels and CONVIVION. In searching for innovations, we rediscovered the timeless value in our heritages including Taiko-en, Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en and the Garden of Chinzan-so, the symbol of our prestige.

With hope for making peaceful and comfortable places where people can gather after the World War II aftermath, Eiichi Ogawa, the first president of Fujita Kanko Inc. had widely opened up to the public the heritage of scenic beauty of the company including Hakone Hotel Kowaki-en and the Garden of Chinzan-so, as "healthy recreation areas". His hospitality, being thoroughly alive today, made a great contribution to foster new business markets in the hospitality industry including hot-spring resorts, banquets and bridals, and budget hotels.

The competitive advantage offered by Fujita Kanko Inc.  is based on the philosophy of "traditional and innovative" stages and its established practice of distinguished services that, responding to our guests' diversified needs, offer them the most wonderful time that cannot be experienced in any other properties in the country.

Fujita Kanko Inc.  is a "multifaceted hospitality company" with the mission that it helps build an affluent and successful society by offering places where people can relax in a healthy atmosphere and cordial hospitality, and pursuing novelty yet placing all the importance on the tradition and form.

At each of our properties, we have but one objective in mind: We always want our guests to feel completely satisfied.